Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Little Things

I was in Los Angeles a week or so ago.  I get out there several times a year for work.  I enjoy my visits to LA.  I lived there for two years and it gave me a great appreciation of the place, but this visit was just a little bit better.  I had a Toyota Camry rental car with off white stitching running across the brim of the black dashboard and paddle shifters.  Both of those things made me smile. Add in listening to KROQ, my second favorite radio station of all time, and I had a trifecta of little things that make a long travel day three time zones away from home and four days removed from returning, a little bit better.

After being dormant for over a year I intend to get this blog back up to speed so to speak. One easy way of doing so is with shorter posts like the one above. I figure not every post has to be a 900 word column where I pretend to be Peter Egan.