Monday, April 22, 2013

Motivation…I Hope

I went to the race track a little while back.  It was the first time I'd been to the track in quite a few months.  At the risk of sounding like Ferris Bueller, life moves fast.  I remember when I used to think in terms of weeks, now I tend to think in terms of seasons.  As in, I hope I can get back to doing car stuff again sometime in the fall, this fall, not next fall.

There was very little driving going on, just a few demonstration laps in a pair of white Mercedes sedans. Atlanta Motorsports Park was holding an open house, showing off their almost finished race track and newly constructed garages. AMP is one of those country club tracks that have been springing up over the past decade or so.  My neighbor down the street is a member and invited me to attend the open house with him and his son.

I've considered becoming a member of AMP myself actually. Much in the same way I have considered inventing faster than light travel, becoming a United States senator, or buying a Porsche 911 GT3 RS as a track car. Meaning the thought took up space, some would argue valuable space, in my brain but never went any further.

We were lucky enough to get a ride in one of the white Mercedes sedans. I have never been on a race track before it's been officially opened and I have to admit it was, in a word, prettyfreakinawesome.  From the three laps taken in from the back seat it looks to be a fantastic course with 16 corners, over 100 feet of elevation change, lots of blind sections and more than a few places that will separate those with money from those with talent.  If is funny how often times those two quantities are inversely proportional.

Just being there, mingling with other car people, seeing all  the wonderful sports cars parked around the track and drooling over the race karts (that is a whole other heroine-esque addiction I need stay away from, or embrace wholeheartedly, I am not sure which just yet) had me excited about doing car stuff again.

I'm not sure exactly what that "stuff” might entail. Finding time to get the car ready for a track weekend, packing everything up, towing to the track, driving four plus sessions a day, and then towing home to do the getting ready thing in reverse has been difficult. I might get back to basics and start autocrossing again.  I quite like the simplicity of spending half a day dodging cones while attempting to set the fastest time.  Maybe I can find an air cooled 911 that needs a new home.  The mid to late 80's Carreras are to me what muscle cars are to baby boomers. Or maybe I'll go buy a race kart...