Friday, July 26, 2013

Common Sense

Why is it automobile manufacturers seem to grasp the commonly accepted shift layout of the paddle shifter but seem to, more often than not, botch the commonly accepted layout of the sequential shifter?  I ask not in the rhetorical sense but in the actual asking sense.  I really want to know. It's baffling to me.  Toyota is extra baffling as they got it right with the paddles but wrong with the sequential set up.  Some people are baffled by sub atomic particles that make up the building blocks of life and some are baffled by auto-manual shift layouts. I know my limits.
And by the way, the commonly accepted layout is as follows:
Right paddle up shifts
Left paddle down shifts
Pull back to up shift
Push forward to down shift
Left to right sequential shifters are nonsense and should not be used under any circumstances.