Friday, July 4, 2014

Dallas Texas and First Class Upgrades

I was in Dallas several weeks back for a few days.  Work took me there.  I’m in Dallas several times a year for various reasons.  I like Dallas.  The people are nice, big Texas sunsets use up all of the sky each evening and it has what I like to call the culinary duo of awesomeness: fantastic barbeque and Mexican food so good it has its own subcategory, Tex Mex.  It also has the Dallas Cowboys which, unlike brisket smoked at 200 degrees for 8 hours, I don’t particularly like.  However, I would like to see an NFL game in their stadium.  It’s a real dilemma.

As usual I was thirty something on the upgrade list and as such took my assigned seat at boarding.  This happened going and coming.  No real surprise.  Well, except for the fact a week after the Dallas trip I was upgraded on both flights to and from Los Angeles.  Both legs.  That never happens.  To top it off the return leg was a plane that spends most of its time flying over the Atlantic to and from Europe.  International plane means lay flat seats in first class.  Lay flat international seats pose a dilemma almost ask stark as my Cowboys stadium conundrum.  Do I watch one of the 20 plus movies available at my convenience or do I take a nap in a perfectly prone position at 35,000 feet?

A four hour flight meant I did both.  Win win. 

Chances are I happened to be in the right place with the right Delta airline status at the right time and got upgraded.  Or, just maybe, somebody at Delta read the MGB in Socal post and decided to take care of me.  Which is awesome because that means my readership is now a cool baker’s dozen!
So, if I just got lucky then so be it.  If I happened to pick up a new reader… Have I mentioned that Delta is my favorite of all the airlines?  Cause it is.